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Diversification’s Gold Standard

I am an advisor with a past, a past managing global bond funds. For over twenty years, I invested in a vast array of markets and bond sectors around the globe. These included sectors like high yield and emerging markets … Continue reading

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Floating Interest, Not What You Think

A theme of the past several years has been the need to protect yourself from the bond market selloff, a selloff that seems to have arrived. The idea that you should protect against this has led to the suggestion that … Continue reading

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The Fed’s Mandate, US Policy and the Rest of the World

The Fed’s objectives, as set by Congress, are to maintain stable prices and to maximize employment.  This “dual mandate” is accompanied by a rarely cited third objective, to maintain moderate long term interest rates.  Those should be a natural outcome of maintaining stable … Continue reading

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Time to Raise Rates?

James Bullard, President of the St. Louis Fed, thinks that the Fed should raise rates.  He cites the low jobless rate, inflation near target, ex-oil, and the need to move early, rather than be late.  I think he is alarmist, but … Continue reading

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All Aboard!

The ECB has boarded the Quantitative Easing train.  Perhaps the deflation that is stalking Europe finally prompted the move. Mr. Draghi and the ECB board have had the benefit of observing Fed policy and Bank of England policy working, versus … Continue reading

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